Purchase Agreement


Your puppy is guaranteed to be in good health and will come with vet records. This guarantee is contingent upon the following.

Medical examination by your vet within the first 48hr's of purchase.

Continuation of the vaccination schedule started by us and administered by a veterinarian.

Adequate housing, food, and fresh water daily.

Continuation of Eukanuba small breed puppy food or another type of good quality puppy food is highly recommended.

Never tie puppy/dog on rope or chain.

As a puppy it is highly recommended that the puppy stay inside and not be put out in a kennel or fenced yard to live when its a puppy.

Puppy should not be socalized with other dogs that you are not familiar with until vaccination schedule of your puppy is complete.

Administering a monthly heartworm preventative such as Heartguard.

Administering a monthly flea and tick control such as Frontline or Advantage.

Puppy is sold with the understanding that it's going to your home to be a member of your family.

Guarantee applies only if the original owners are still in care of the puppy.

Puppy is not to be resold. If for at anytime you are unable to keep the dog for any reason please contact me and I will help you place it in a new home or we will take the puppy back. We dont give cash refunds just because someone got a puppy and it didnt work out due to too many people get them without thinking it through. We are willing to take them back to prevent them going to a shelter and to make sure they end up in the best home for them.

Do NOT send one of our puppy/dogs to a pound or shelter.

If dog is used for breeding all health guarantees are null and void. All my animals are placed under the aggreement that when they are old enough that they will be spayed/neutered.

If your vet examines the puppy within 48 hours and finds the puppy to be unhealthy the buyer may return the puppy we will provide another puppy of same sex when one is available at your choice if the following conditions are followed. The vet must provide a written statement that the puppy is unhealthy within the first 48 hours.

I reserve the right to have the puppy examined by my vet for a second opinion.

Heart murmurs are very common in young Cocker Spaniel puppies. This is not a condition or a problem, with a few months of age these heart murmurs will disappear.

Internal parasites do not deem the puppy unfit/unhealthy.

I cant guarantee against umbilical hernias they are common in puppies. I do check all my pups for them and will make new owners aware if the puppy does have one that I see. Some times they are so small that they are not noticeable. They are not life threatening, most times they just go away or shrink as the puppy gets older. The vet can remove them when the puppy is spayed/neutered.

Within the 1st. year of the puppys life, if a life threatening hereditary illness is diagnosed by a vet in writing that would hinder a normal life as a pet quailty Cocker you have the following option if the terms have been met:

-Return the dog to the breeder along with all documentation of vet records, registration, and a replacement will be given of same breed and sex. When one is available.

-In replacing it may take time as we are a very small breeder and do not have puppys at all times.

-No money refund will be given for vet costs, or replacement.

-The breeder is not responsible for costs involved in any of the above. If death occurs and buyer would like to have a replacement, autopsy paid by buyer must be preformed.

We do reserve the right to refuse anyone that we feel will not be the right home for one of our animals.

This contract is written for the protection of the Breeder, Buyer, and the puppy. I have never had to come back to this guarantee but it is put in place because no matter how much care, genetic research, love, etc. you give a puppy sometimes things happen that are out of our control. Also even though we only have a litter once in awhile and are not a breeding kennel we still want to guarantee the pups health that we do have plus keep record of where there going and how they will be taken care of. I want you as the buyer to know that if it does we will make it right, considering all the conditions are followed throughout this guarantee. We do have the right to refuse people that we will not think will be a good home for one of our babys.

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Sire of puppy:_____________________________________

Puppys date of birth:________________________________

Litter registration number:_____________________________

Color & Sex of puppy:________________________________

Price paid for puppy:___________


By sighning below you agree to the above terms:


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