Hello my name is Tammie. I live in the beautiful state of Maine. I have loved and had cocker spaniels most of my life. Our cockers are from St James Cockers in Brazil. A very special thanks to Tais Lovati Vagostelo for helping us get started with two such beautiful examples of what the Cocker Spaniel Standard should be. And thank you to all who have helped me with this. We specialize in buff, black, and black and tan and strive for happy, healthy, and well  socialized cockers with excellent temperments. Most from champion lines. Hope you enjoy your stay!

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 My Heart Belongs To A Cocker Spaniel


Beautiful and intelligent,

A charmer from the start-

A Cocker Spaniel looked at me,

And quickly stole my heart.

Sharing life together,

Through good and bad times too-

You are the sunshine of my days,
So loyal and so true.

With eyes so warm and caring-

And love that never ends-

I can't imagine life without

My Cocker for a friend.

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